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Robin Adlan-Merini, France
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Everyone is friendly, warm and open-minded here at LSI. There are very competent teachers and Read more Robin Adlan-Merini, France

Sebastian  Acuña, Chile
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The LSI Berkeley experience was really good. I met a lot of people from everywhere, I made Read more Sebastian Acuña, Chile

Debbie Lee, Korea
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I’ve been at LSI for a month, and I really enjoy the life. I highly recommend you choose Read more Debbie Lee, Korea

Edoardo Siani, Italy
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This is my second time studying at LSI. First in Toronto and now in Vancouver. It is a very Read more Edoardo Siani, Italy

Anita Rasmussen, Attorney, Denmark
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We had a lot of good in-depth discussions in class and I thoroughly enjoyed my stay. Anita Rasmussen, Attorney, Denmark

Won Joon Kim, Korea
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Kind teachers and conversations with friendly classmates will motivate your passion for learning Read more Won Joon Kim, Korea

Ignacio Acuña, Chile
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I enjoyed so much in Berkeley also in San Francisco. I learnt so much English. For this reason, Read more Ignacio Acuña, Chile

Aska Itakura, Japan
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Thanks to LSI, my English improved so much because we were talking English all the time. All Read more Aska Itakura, Japan

Miriam Zarate, Venezuela
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I met a lot of amazing people here. LSI was a great experience. Everyone has to live this experience. Read more Miriam Zarate, Venezuela

Giacomo Calzoni, student, Italy
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This was the best experience in my life! I will never forget the time I've been here in Berkeley. Read more Giacomo Calzoni, student, Italy

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Study & Learn English in Canada, Vancouver & Toronto

Choose to Study English as a second language (ESL) in Vancouver or Toronto, Canada. Learning a foreign language is a challenge, but it will make a significant difference in your life.

With ever increasing international links, choosing to study English is often a decisive factor in reaching your long term career goals.

Over the past 30 years, LSI has developed a reputation of excellence in teaching languages. LSI now has 18 language schools around the world.

In Canada, you can study & learn English at our English language schools in Vancouver and Toronto. Both schools are centrally located and offer a perfect learning environment for international students and business executives. If you want to study and learn English for professional, academic or personal reasons or if you need to prepare for an exam such as TOEFL, TOEIC or Cambridge certificates, LSI has the right English program for you. Our range of English courses allows you to find the best route to your personal goals.

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